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When your body temperature falls below 95ºF you suffer from hypothermia
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Cold Weather

With temperatures falling below -30 winter can be one of the hardest seasons to get out and exercise. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting out and getting active. As long as you take the appropriate precautions there is no need to shy away from winter outdoor activities.  Canada is a nation that celebrates winter sports. Get out and enjoy the weather.

SIRC is working with Environment Canada to spread the news about winter weather safety.

Feature Articles

Wind Chill Cards

The cooling sensation caused by the
combined effect of temperature and wind is called wind chill. Exposed skin at very cold wind chills can freeze in only minutes. The risk of frostbite increases rapidly when wind chill values go below -27.

To help protect yourself from wind chill, Environment Canada and SIRC are providing wallet-sized business cards with a wind chill chart along with some winter weather safety tips. Print out and distribute these wallet sized cards.

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Dos and Don'ts

Participating athletically in cold, inclement weather can be a challenge. Athletes as well as caregivers can be subjected to significant thermal risk. It is important to recognize how quickly cold can interfere with bodily function.

Information is presented on the following topics that are related to sports and exercise in cold temperatures: the types of outdoor cold temperature, the loss of body heat, cold weather First Aid, hypothermia, clothing tips and altitude.

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Minimizing Risk

The seasonal changes that bring colder weather do not stop athletes from training and competing. Our eclectic panel of experts rely on their clinical and research expertise to discuss concerns that are novel to this environment, and provide suggestions for preparing and protecting athletes for exercise in cold weather.

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Outdoor Education

The rustle of wind blown leaves across the school grounds on a cool, crisp late Autumn day; the swirl of the first wet snowflakes accumulating on the playground; the certain slant of light on winter afternoons.  Does this mean the end of outside physical education classes until spring?  Not necessarily.

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News from SIRC

Wallet-Sized Wind Chill Safety Cards

SIRC is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Environment Canada, the availability of wallet-sized wind chill safety cards for the sporting community.

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SIRC Seminar Series

Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Speaker: Allan Stitt, Chair

Location: SIRC, 180 Elgin St., Suite 1400, Ottawa

Date: February 12, 2008

Time: 9:00- 11:00 am

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