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The Ontario Coaches Week social media platform has resulted in one million impressions so far.

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Social Media

Whether you are following your favourite athlete or following the federal election, you are probably using some kind of social media. Over the last 10 years, this area of communication has exploded and everyone is onboard. There are countless ways that it is used. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) developed a communications strategy for social media making the 2010 Games in Vancouver the first “social media Games.” Sport Matters Group developed a new platform itsmorethanagame.ca where you can join the federal election campaign online getting the key messages quickly and easily. Community coaches send out training schedules and tips to their athletes and events big and small create Facebook pages and twitter feeds posting updates and photos, which allow people to connect and create sense of community. What are you waiting for?

Wondering how to get started? Are you looking for tips on using social media effectively? Check out some of the resources we have compiled for you below.

Feature Articles

Community Spirit

Nigel Kendall discusses the International Olympic Committee’s success in the exploitation of social media to engage with people around the world through a variety of different platforms. The author looks ahead to how social media has been incorporated into London 2012. Make sure to check out this article (p. 41) to see how social media is used to make reading an interactive experience.

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Essential Guide to Grass Roots Sport & Social Media

This is a resource for community and local clubs to get started in social media. Published by FundSport.com, this ebook discusses why you should take advantage of the Internet, why you should incorporate social media, the pros and cons of social media and how to get started. The ebook is free to download. Fundsport.com’s belief is even at the grass roots level, the sporting community should have access to the information and support required to turn passion into success on and off the field.

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140 Characters or Less: Maintaining Privacy and Publicity in the Age of Social Networking

The article focuses on the outcomes of social networking sites among school-athletes. It says that social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow the athletes to promote team activities and charitable acts in a free publicity. However, it mentions that the rise of the sites causes privacy violations. It states that professional sports leagues establish social networking policies like increased monitoring on social networking posts in relation with privacy law limitations.

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Technology and the Turfgrass Management Industry

Don’t let the title fool you. This article provides an excellent overview of social media applications including Facebook, Twitter; MySpace; Google Docs, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitpic, blogs, and YouTube. Practical and easy to understand the author describes briefly describes each application providing pros and cons. Caution on providing too much personal information, whereabouts and statements or pictures that are inappropriate is given.

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News from SIRC

The Power and Peril of Social Media

Sport Knowledge Series

Learn from experts how social media can help your sport organization achieve its objectives.

Date:April 20, 2011

Time: 9:00am - 12:00am

Location: SIRC, 180 Elgin St., Suite 1400, Ottawa


Webinar Component

A condensed webinar version of this session will be held at 1:00pm EST for those interested in joining us from across the country.


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Ask A SIRC Librarian

SIRC members have access to SIRC librarians and we are pleased to share some of your questions.

Dear SIRC Librarian:
Many of my athletes are using Facebook and Twitter and I would like to figure out how to use this for coaching. I don’t know much about it, I mostly use Email and do have a personal Facebook page so any tips on how to get started would be appreciated.



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