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one study found that in sports where explosive power is required, fatigued athletes in spandex shorts had a 10 to 20% average improvement in force and power in their legs

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Compression Garments

Compression garments were originally designed for therapeutic medical use, especially for those suffering from circulatory conditions. However, over the years researchers have come to observe that there could be benefits to wearing compression garments while exercising and participating in sports. Benefits range from muscle fatigue and power production to circulation, even injury prevention and recovery. Although there is still research to be done this area, findings could change athletic attire forever.

Feature Articles

Effectiveness of Compression Garments

This article aims to compile the research in the area of compression garment effectiveness in exercise and sport and to summarize some of the findings. What we can identify from the literature are several common themes in terms of the applications of compression garments in exercise and sport performance. Areas studied in the research on sport and compression garment use include the following: muscle physiology (fatigue and power production), circulation, thermoregulation, recovery from exercise or sport, injury prevention and placebo effect.

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Article Podcast: Compression Garments

Performance-Enhancing Apparel

Support hose and other tight -fitting apparel has been available for decades, especially for those suffering circulatory conditions such as varicose veins or problems associated with diabetes. But using those types of clothes for running is relatively new -- aside, of course, from the warmth and minimal support runners have gained from running tights since the 1980s. However, new fabric and manufacturing technologies have led to a new wave of form-fitting tights, tops and socks aimed specifically at improving running performance and recovery. It's becoming one of the hottest trends in running,

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Feel the Squeeze

The story of compression clothing actually began as a medical curiosity when studies of the use of compression garments for postoperative patients showed that they offered significant protection against a venous thrombosis (a blockage caused by a blood clot, which prevents the flow of blood). Subsequent research showed that compression clothing was able to enhance venous blood flow (the flow back to the heart) in the lower limbs and it wasn’t long before scientists began investigating the effects of compression clothing on an athletic performance, initially focusing on power based sports.

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Supplementary Article: Influence on Athletic Performance and Recovery

Sports Performance

The use of compression shorts in injury prevention and rehabilitation has become popular over the last decade with the commercialization of compression type athletic wear. While light compression (via lycra or spandex) has not been found to hinder performance, garments offering more compression have not been well studied. This study examined issues of performance and proprioception at the hip with the use of elasticized compression shorts offering considerably more compression and resistance to movement. Specifically, this study examined measures of active range of motion, balance, agility, proprioception, endurance, and power of healthy young adults during trials both wearing and not wearing compression shorts.

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Supplementary Article: Lower-Body Compression Garment

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