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The Innovative Multi-Media Communication Tool

The SIRCuit Series is a collection of e-journals on a variety of sport related topics. These e-journal incorporates highly relevant articles as well as video tutorials, interviews and podcasts to enhance the learning experience.

High Performance
Athlete Pathways

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"I am not a tech guy, yet somehow I see this catching on ... Lots of potential and now no excuse for not being up to date within High Performance."
Marc Bowles, CHPC, Performance Planner - Canadian Sport Centre Pacific

“The Leadership SIRCuit is an innovative piece in the governance education puzzle that will be of interest to sport leaders whether professional or volunteer. It is a great educational tool and I encourage you to share the SIRCuit to those in leadership positions throughout your organization.”
Judy Rash, Manager Program Development, Sport Development - Sport Canada.


"Congratulations on this communiation tool to share the knowledge. I am excited to see future issues and maybe be involved to share my knowledge with others across Canada. I am extremely excited to see the video links for readers. This is a great feature!!!
Pro Stergiou, Director of Biomechanics and Performance Analysis - Canadian Sport Centre Calgary

“Best in class NSF management is a critical element for the Canadian sport system to be truly world class and achieve podium success. The COC is delighted to support our sport partners and invest in bringing the latest leadership and governance tools to the attention of sport leaders in Canada.”
Marcel Aubut, President of the Canadian Olympic Committee.



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