2016 SCRI Conference

Conference Resources 

Keynote Presentation

From Insight to Impact

Lisa O'Keefe, Director of Insight at Sport England


Research Presentations

Carly Adams, University of Lethbridge

Imagining Community: Women’s Ice Hockey, High Performance Sport and Rural Survival in Southern Alberta


Martin Camiré, University of Ottawa

Teacher-coaches' influence on the global development of student-athletes: An examination of perceived dual role benefits and challenges


Adam Baxter-Jones, University of Saskatchewan

The Role of Growth and Maturation on Sports Participation


Jonathan Weiss, York University

Psychosocial Predictors of Sport Retention in Youth with Intellectual Disability


Peter Donnelly, University of Toronto

Multiculturalism and Physical Culture: The Case of the GTA


Nick Holt, University of Alberta

Bridging the research-to-practice gap in Canadian youth sport: The PYD SportNET Project

List of Poster Presentations

Allan, Veronica
Beesley, Theresa
Bélanger, Mathieu
Bilinski, Hope (Presented byTara-Leigh McHugh)
Camire, Martin
Clutterbuck, Ryan
Dixon, Jess
Duarte, Tiago
Fortier, Kristine
Kendellen, Kelsey
Lawrason, Sarah
McHugh, Tara-Leigh
McManus, Heather
Misener, Katie
Nadeau, Luc
Neely, Kacey
Potwarka, Luke
Rich, Kyle
Sabiston, Catherine
Snelgrove, Ryan
Strachan, Leisha
Sylvester, Ben (Presented by Catherine Sabiston)
Taks, Marijke
Teetzel, Sarah

Research Gaps - Sport Organizations & Sport Canada Lightning Round

Under-represented Groups

Sue Cragg

Policy and program considerations for increasing sport participation among members of underrepresented groups in Canada