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101 Games to Play in a New Way
Active Living During Pregnancy: Physical Activity Guidelines for Mother and Baby
Applied Exercise and Sport Physiology 2nd edition
Assistive Devices, Adaptive Strategies, and Recreational Activities for Students with Disabilities
Body Sense
Boomercise: Exercising as You Age
Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness & Lifestyle Approach: CSEP-Health & Fitness Program's Health-Related Appraisal and Counselling Strategy (3rd edition)
Children and Sports Training: How Your Future Champions Should Exercise to Be Healthy, Fit, and Happy
Child's Play: Rediscovering the Joy of Play in Our Families and Communities
Conditions of Children’s Talent Development in Sport
Creative Dance
CSEP-Exercise Therapist™ Study Guide
Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports
Facility Design and Management for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sports Facility Development, 11th Edition
First Steps on the Ski Trail: How to Teach Children to Cross-Country Ski
Foundations of Exercise and Mental Health, 2nd Edition
Girls In Action..
Hand, Paddle and Racquet - Type Games
Health Education, Assessment & Reward Tool (HEART)
High School Intramurals
How to Use the American College of Sports Medicine Metabolic Equations, Second Edition
Implementing Recreation and Leisure Opportunities for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
Inclusive Fitness and Lifestyle Serices for all Disabilities
Integrated Physical Education: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom Teacher, 2nd Edition
Intramurals in The Elementary School
Lactate Lift-Off
Legal Aspects of Personal Fitness Training, Second Edition
Legal Aspects of Preventive, Rehabilitative and Recreational Exercise Programs, 4th Edition
Legal Aspects of Waivers in Sport, Recreation and Fitness Activities
Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (PFLC) Candidate's Certification Guide
Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (PFLC) Resource Manual
Science of Sports Training: How to Plan and Control Training for Peak Performace
Secrets to Staying Fit & Loving Life!
Snow Fun
Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice
Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training
Student Leadership Development Program Elementary Guide
Student Leadership Development Program Post Secondary Guide
Student Leadership Development Program Secondary Guide
Takraw 101 - The Complete Instructional/Coaching Manual for Sepak Takraw
The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course -Student Resource Manual 7th Ed.
The CFES Group Exercise Instructor Course -Student Resource Manual 5th Ed.
The Fitness Director's Guide to Marketing Strategies & Tactics
The Halliwick Method: Water Freedom for Individuals with Disabilities
The Treasury of MOGA Madness
Victory at The Training Table
Victory At The Training Table: A Guide to Sports Nutrition
woman in motion
WRESTLING: A Commitment to Excellence
Zany Activities with a Rubber Chicken
Zany Activities with Panty Hose and Boxer Shorts and Leotards


Aqua Beat: Dance Forms for Aquatic Exercise
CPAFLA Health Reporter (3rd edition) - software
Online Library of Sport, Coaching and Physical Education (LSCAPE)
STEVA Hockey Demo NEW  
USSA: Sport Psychology
USSA: Strength and Power Training


Alto Rendimiento
Brazilian Journal of Physical Education and Sport
Journal of Asian Martial Arts
Journal on Active Aging
Performance Conditioning Baseball/Softball
Running Research News
Sports Nutrition Review Journal NEW  
SRC - Ski Racing Canada NEW  
The Journal on Active Aging
Wellness Options NEW  
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