2017 Regional Engagement Awards & Premier's Awards Celebrations

October 12, 2017

I·SPARC - 2017 Regional Engagement Awards & Premier's Awards Celebrations

The Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (I·SPARC) is pleased to announce the dates for our annual series of Regional Engagement Meetings in each of the six regions across the province of BC.  The Regional Engagement Meetings provide an opportunity for individuals and leaders working in the areas of sport, recreation, physical activity, fitness, health, and youth programming to gather and discuss the following:  

  • Increasing awareness of I·SPARC, our Regional Committee structure, program areas, and report on the achievements within the 2016/17 fiscal year;
  • Providing a forum to promote physical activity and improve health outcomes through current initiatives and how to expand access to community-based Indigenous sport programming
  • Networking with other sport, physical activity, health, and youth leaders from across the region 

The Regional Engagement Meetings will be held 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Each evening following the Regional Engagement Meetings, an Awards Ceremony and Dinner will be held to announce and celebrate the Regional Award recipients of the Premier's Award for Aboriginal Youth Excellence in Sport.  


If you plan to attend, please register seven (7) days prior to the meeting date.  You may register online here

Travel subsidies are available for those who register by the deadline and who travel more than 100 km round-trip.  Accommodations are available for those register by the deadline and travel more than 300 km round-trip.

For more information, please contact your Regional Coordinator or Dianne Garner (details below).

This newsletter comes to you from the of the Indigenous Sport Physical Activity and Recreation Council of BC.  

Provincial Coordinator, Sport Development & Community Engagement 
Dianne Garner
250.388.5522 ext. 228

Regional Coordinator, Fraser Region 
Alana Cook - acook@isparc.ca

Regional Coordinator, Interior Region 
Michelle Webster - mwebster@isparc.ca

Regional Coordinator, Northeast Region 
Veronica Haddon - vhaddon@isparc.ca

Regional Coordinator, Northwest Region 
Lisa Grant - lgrant@isparc.ca

Regional Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Region 
Pete Natrall - pnatrall@isparc.ca

Regional Coordinator, Vancouver Island Region 
(vacant) please email Dianne Garner - dgarner@isparc.ca