May 18, 2017

Alpine Canada - Calgary, Alta. (May 17, 2017) – Alpine Canada is pleased to announce its nominations for the Canadian Ski Teams for the 2017-18 season.
Athletes have been nominated to the team having met selection criteria and/or coaches’ discretion and/or invited to participate in selected camps and competitions.
World Cup Men - Senior
Benjamin Thomsen (Windermere, B.C.; 25/08/87)
Broderick Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 19/04/94)
Brodie Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 28/12/95)
Dustin Cook (Mont Ste-Marie, Que.; 11/02/89)
Erik Guay (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 5/08/81)
Erik Read (Banff Alpine Racers, Alta.; 31/05/91)
Jack Crawford (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C./ Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont.; 03/05/97)
Jeffrey Read (Banff Alpine Racers, Alta.; 1/09/97)
Manuel Osborne-Paradis (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 8/02/84)
Philip Brown (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 9/11/91)
Trevor Philp (Banff Alpine Racers, Alt.; 1/05/92)
World Cup Women - Senior
Ali Nullmeyer (Georgian Peaks, Ont.; 21/08/98)
Amelia Smart (Panorama Ski Club, B.C. ; 1/08/98)
Candace Crawford (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont.; 11/03/94)
Erin Mielzynski (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont. ; 25/05/90)
Laurence St-Germain (St. Férrol-les-Neiges, Que.; 30/05/94)
Marie-Michèle Gagnon (Mont-Orignal, Que.; 24/04/89)
Mikaela Tommy (Edelweiss, Que.; 10/05/95)
Ronni Remme (Alpine Ski Club, Ont.; 14/02/96)
Stefanie Fleckenstein (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 6/09/97)
Valérie Grenier (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 30/10/96)
Development Team Men
Riley Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 21/04/97)
Sam Mulligan (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, B.C.; 20/02/97)
Simon Fournier (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 26/05/97)
Development Team Women
Marina Vilanova (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 2/02/99)
Sierra Smith (Mont St-Marie, Que.; 17/03/00)
Special Invitee Status
Morgan Megarry (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 26/05/93)
Head Coaching Staff
Athletic Director: Martin Rufener
Team Operations: Amber Sinclair
Men’s Head Speed Coach: Burkhard Schaffer
Men’s Head Combi Coach: Paolo Deflorian
Men’s Development Head Coach: John Kucera
Women’s Head Coach: Manuel Gamper
Women’s Development Team Head Coach: Peter Rybarik
New Coaching Additions
Ryan Malmberg – Men’s Combi Assistant Coach
Franz Gamper – Women’s Combi Assistant Coach
Marie-Eve Boulianne – Women’s Development Assistant Coach
The Alpine Canada nomination guidelines can be viewed here: http://alpinecanada.org/uploads/documents/2017-18_Selection_Guidelines_C...
A & B Team Men
Brady Leman (Calgary Alpine Racing Club, Alta.; 16/10/86)
Chris Del Bosco (Ski & Snowboard Club, Vail; 30/03/82)
Dave Duncan (National Ski Academy, Ont.; 15/07/82)
Kevin Drury (Georgian Peaks, Ont..; 22/07/88)
Kris Mahler (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 26/02/95)
Mathieu Leduc (Mount Washington Ski Club, B.C.; 14/04/90)
A & B Team Women
Brittany Phelan (Mont-Tremblant Ski Club, Que.; 24/09/91)
Georgia Simmerling (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, B.C.; 11/03/89)
Kelsey Serwa (Big White Ski Club, B.C.; 1/09/89)
Marielle Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 15/06/92)
C & D Teams will be announced at a future date.
Canada Ski Cross Professional Staff
Athletic Director: Willy Raine
Head Coach A & B Team: Stanley Hayer
Head Coach C & D Team: Sead Causevic
The Alpine Canada nomination guidelines can be viewed here: http://alpinecanada.org/uploads/documents/2017-2018_nomination_guideline...
World Cup Men - Senior
Alexis Guimond (Club de ski Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 11/06/89)
Braydon Luscombe (B.C. Para-Alpine ; 30/11/92)
Kirk Schornstein (Snow Valley Racing, Alta.; 19/03/93)
Kurt Oatway (23/02/84)
Mac Marcoux (Searchmont Ski Runners, Ont.; 20/06/97) Guide: Jack Leitch
Women Cup Women - Senior
Alana Ramsay (CADS Alberta; 22/12/94)
Erin Latimer (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 3/07/96)
Development Team
Mel Pemble (BC Adaptive Snowsports, B.C.; 22/4/00)
Mollie Jepson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 17/9/99)
Frederique Turgeon (Mont-Tremblant, Que ; 25/3/99)
Alex Cairns (BC Adaptive Snowsports, B.C.; 23/1/92)
Head Coaching Staff
Athletic Director: Matt Hallat
Head Coach: J.S. Labrie
The Alpine Canada nomination guidelines can be viewed here:
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