VISTA conference

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Event Date: Sep. 20, 2017 to Sep. 23, 2017

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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33 Gerrard Street West
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4

Opportunities and Challenges in Paralympic Sport Science and Sport Medicine Support

Toronto, Ontario, Canada will be hosting the eighth VISTA conference from 20-23 September 2017. The theme of the conference is "Opportunities and Challenges in Paralympic Sport Science and Sport Medicine Support". The VISTA conference, hosted by the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, is designed to provide a platform for sport scientists and researchers to meet with experts in the field of sport for athletes with impairments to discuss, exchange, and gain advanced knowledge in this area.

VISTA Objectives

  • To provide a forum for exchange on current information, research and expertise related to Paralympic Sport and the Paralympic Movement.
  • To enhance and promote cross-disciplinary professional interaction among sport scientists, coaches, athletes and sport administrators.

Target audience

The target groups of the conference include: sports scientists and researchers, classifiers, coaches/trainers, sports administrators and athletes

Theme and content

VISTA 2017 is organised around the theme: "Opportunities and Challenges in Paralympic Sport Science and Sport Medicine Support." The theme will be discussed in keynote presentations, invited symposia, and free communications will cover key issues such as the socio-economic determinants of Paralympic participation and success; classification; technology, biomechanics and engineering; athlete health and performance; the integrative approach to the preparation of a Paralympic athlete or the athlete’s career; and athlete and coach education in both summer and winter sports.