Player led Nutrition for the Developing Athlete with Ben Coomber

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Event Date: Feb. 14, 2018


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475 Devonshire Rd Unit 100
Windsor, ON N8Y 2L5

In nutrition we are good at giving out plans and guidance, but what about information and empowerment? Young and developing athletes need autonomy for a successful career, but what strategies do we use to develop that, as ultimately, an athlete still wants to live their life, but also perform at a high level, and they can do both, with a little bit of the right education.

This webinar will help you develop practical strategies for coaching young athletes, it will tackle the issue faced in nutrition coaching and help you improve life balance for the young athlete.

Presented by sports nutritionist, speaker, and owner of the BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements Ben Coomber. He is also a CISSN sports nutritionist and also holds a degree in Sports Coaching and Performance. Ben is the owner of sports supplement company Awesome Supplements and hosts his own Podcasts called Ben Coomber Radio. Ben has also appeared as a keynote speaker at major fitness events across the UK and Europe.


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