National Aboriginal Physical Activity & Wellness Conference May 10th-12th, 2017

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Event Date: May. 9, 2017 to May. 10, 2017

University of Guelph
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You are invited to join us and other leaders in sharing best practices in promoting physical activity and wellness in Aboriginal communities across Canada at the University of Guelph from May 10th-12th.

This is the nation's largest conference on physical activity for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people. The focus of this conference is for those who are interested in sports, recreation, fitness, traditional activity who may be band council members; health directors, health practitioners; counselors or social workers; federal, provincial or municipal health employees; academics; researchers; recreation workers; coaches; fitness instructors; cultural leaders; community members; and all others interested in the promotion of health and wellness through physical activity in Aboriginal communities.

This conference will provide a networking and education opportunity for Aboriginal organizations and mainstream businesses through physical activity sessions, keynote speakers and related tradeshows.


Seminars and workshops will be held at the University of Guelph's Summerlee Science Complex, Alexander Hall, McNaughton and the newly renovated Mitchell Athletics Center. This center was recently renovated to accommodate the many talented athletes at the University of Guelph.


Allan Downey - Assistant Professor at McGill University

Lila Bruyere - Residential School Survivor

Ian Mosby - Historian of Food Health and Colonialism 

Sam McCracken - General Manager of Nike N7 and Chairman of the Nike Fund


Peter Jensen – Food and Nutrition

Jeff Carmichael – Leadership and Collective Impact

Scott McRoberts – Sport Development

Jocelyn Cheechoo – Health & Wellness

Tania Cameron & Andy Rickard – Aboriginal Sport & Wellness Council of Ontario's Far North Strategy

Michael Cvtikovic – Impact of North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)

Marcia Trudeau & Keir Johnston – NAIG Legacy

Clay Melnike & Judy Pike – Ontario sport system

David Letteney – Volunteerism for multisport games

Helen Stoumbos – Ontario Girls & Women Initiative

Dwayne Roberts – FitNation in British Columbia

Rob Newman – 2018 International Aboriginal Masters Games

Provincial Aboriginal Sport Ministry update

Federal Aboriginal Sport Ministry update


- Youth Panel
- High Performance Athlete Panel
- Coaching Panel at the Grassroots Level
- Graduated Guelph Athlete Panel
- Womens Athlete Panel
- Aboriginal Research at the University Level Panel
- Government Policy Around Truth & Reconciliation Panel


On May 11th, the Johnston Green will host a Pow-Wow where delegates can celebrate traditional food, watch drummers and dancers perform, and purchase various items from our crafters and vendors


Networking opportunities and cultural activities such as indigenous dances will flow throughout the conference. Many activities such as conservation Areas, the Toronto Premium Outlet Mall and Elora Gorge are located close to the city of Guelph