Athlete Research Recruitment

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Event Date: Sep. 30, 2017

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Are you an athlete? Would you like help us better understand your athletic experience? Complete our questionnaire! 

My name is Kelly O’Brien and I am a Masters student in the Human Sciences faculty at the Saint Paul University.  I am conducting research under the supervision of Dr. Kelly Kilrea on the relationship on athletic experience, including sport-related anxiety, motivation, and well-being.

As part of my thesis research, I am asking athletes 14 years of age and older (from any country) who are in competitive or elite sport levels to answer a questionnaire on their sport experience.

The questionnaire takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. It is online and very easy-to-follow. Participation is anonymous and entirely voluntary. There are no known or anticipated risks to participation in this study. Also, all information provided is completely confidential. 

Please visit to participate!