Advances in Nutrition: From Daily Living to High Performance Sport

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Event Date: Jan. 13, 2018


Canadian Nutrition Society at the Hilton Toronto
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Hilton Toronto
145 Richmond Street W
Toronto, ON

The Canadian Nutrition Society is pleased to announce a one-day conference on Sat. January 13, 2018: 

Advances in Nutrition: From Daily Living to High Performance Sport will offer delegates an opportunity to listen, learn, network and engage with some of our leading experts on nutrition as it relates across the spectrum of daily physical activity to high performance sport. The conference will focus on the latest research, current knowledge and practical application of sport nutrition for the every-day practitioner.

Delegates will learn about:

  • Weight loss and muscle gain in athletes and active individuals
  • Low carb, high fat diets for prevention and performance
  • Nutrition and healing
  • Strategies for building a successful sport nutrition practice

The program will be of interest to clinicians and registered dietitians, sport nutrition professionals, researchers, academics, industry leaders and trainees.

Live streaming is also available as a registration option.