Interim Water Ramp Manager - Freestyle Ontario

Post date: Mar. 13, 2018

Application Deadline: Mar. 20, 2018

Position Start Date: May. 1, 2018


In partnership with Freestyle Canada and the freestyle skiing community, Freestyle
Ontario enhances the growth and development of quality sport programming and
sport excellence. This programming aligns with Freestyle Canada’s Long Term Athlete
Development plan, and emphasizes safety in a participant centred, ethically based,
system that encourages lifelong participation in the sport of freestyle skiing in

This is done by:
• Increasing the number of active freestyle skiers in Ontario
• Providing the appropriate governance structure consistent with standards for a Provincial Sport Organization
• Promoting and developing the sport of freestyle skiing, including event
promotion and hosting, development of athletes to National Team calibre; developing an adequate succession plan that ensures the sport and organization remains strong and continues to develop.

Our values are:
• Leadership
• Excellence
• Integrity
• Community
• Innovation
• Fun


The Interim Water Ramp Manager will work at the Freestyle Ontario Water Ramps. Located at Horseshoe Resort. They will report to the Executive Director.

The FO Water Ramps are owned and operated by Freestyle Ontario with a land use agreement with Horseshoe Resort. The water ramps are used as a non-winter ski and snowboard training facility, intended to be used to enhance the acrobatic skills of skiers. The Interim Water Ramp Manager is a seasonal contract position. This role will
oversee all aspects of the water ramp operation including liaising with Horseshoe Resort, managing the water ramp operational budget, booking and scheduling groups, scheduling staff and managing and executing ongoing maintenance and periodic inspections.

• Responsible for opening and closing the water ramp facility daily
• Maintain and schedule user groups into the water ramps
• Responsible for booking camps, groups and daily water ramp schedule
• Coordinate and promote Freestyle Ontario water ramp camps and events
• Provide scheduling updates to FO Communications Manager for website publication
• Ensure all safety protocols are in place
• Develop and plan facility expansion/upgrades as needed
• Coordinate grass cutting with Horseshoe Resort
• Lead facility maintenance issues and liaise with Horseshoe Resort and/or contractors to ensure that the site is running safely (maintain maintenance log)
• Ensure ramp is kept clean, and visually presentable

• Adhere and enforce all Freestyle Ontario policies and procedures
• Build and develop new policies and procedures as required or requested
• Maintain the highest quality of site safety as outlined in the CFSA Air Qualifications Manual
• Regularly test and clean the sprinkler and pump systems
• Responsible for keeping water ramp site clean and tidy
• Ensure all ramp users have purchased valid ramp passes

• Coach at water ramp and tramps when needed for camps or individual athletes (pending coaching credentials of the Interim Water Ramp Manager)

• Be the main contact for water ramp operations
• Address issues that come up with user groups promptly i.e. scheduling, billing, etc.
• Respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner
• Deal with all user request and complaints
• Assist other FO staff with running FO Water Ramp Camps
• Hire, manage and schedule water ramp contractors, including:
o Coaches
o Maintenance and Repairs
• Maintain detailed employment records (contracts, contractor contracts, etc.)
and file them with FO’s bookkeeper
• Plan and manage training and mentoring of coaches as required
• Ensure that all coaches and athletes using the water ramp facility hold current
appropriate CFSA/Snowboard Canada membership licences, and have the
required coaching credentials
• Maintain contact list for maintenance staff and emergencies

• Work with FO bookkeeper on a monthly basis to track expenses and revenues
• Control and maintain budget under the supervision of the FO Executive Director
• Provide monthly reports
• Create a season end report and recommendations
• Use FO finance tracking systems and processes to track expenditures and revenues
• Manage transfer payments from Horseshoe to FO
• Responsible for hitting revenue targets
• Responsible for maintain operation budget expenses as approved by the FO Executive Director
• Assist with Water Ramp fundraising initiatives
• Assist FO Executive Director with managing the FO Water Ramp Capital Fund and hitting water ramp targets

• Use a goggle calendar and/or a calendar on the FO webpage to share the user group schedule to interest groups
• Share water ramp programming/calendar with interested user groups via email, facebook and other FO communication mediums
• Keep updated contacts: clubs/teams
• Provide Instagram and facebook content updates on an as needed basis to the FO Communications Manager
• Provide brief water ramp updates on a weekly basis for distribution through FO newsletter
• Provide website content and media updates to FO Communications Manager on an as needed basis


• Freestyle Canada Air 3 A&B Water coaching certification will be considered an asset


To apply, please submit a cover letter and résumé to

Type of Position: Contractor
Employment Type: Seasonal
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Contact Name: Eli Budd
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Contact Phone: 416-238-7604
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