Active Alberta Coalition Leader - Active Alberta Coalition

Post date: Dec. 29, 2017

Application Deadline: Jan. 12, 2018

Active Alberta Coalition:

The Active Alberta Coalition is a network of organizations operating in Alberta, whose focus is to advance existing active living, sport and active recreation opportunities using a collective impact approach. The Coalition targets increased coordination at a systems level and aims to contribute to the important positive narratives describing the health and wellbeing benefits of active living, sport and active recreation in Alberta.

Role of the Coalition:

  • Develop and champion a unified voice for Alberta's active living, sport and active recreation groups;
  • Amplify the capacity of Alberta's active living, sport, and active recreation groups by sharing time, resources, expertise and ideas to achieve common goals;
  • Build a narrative to position active living, sport, and active recreation as vehicles for comprehensive wellbeing of Albertans;
  • Guide and support the full-time employee.


A systems change thinker who is inspired by the unique opportunity to initiate a positive new movement within sport, active living and active recreation in Alberta. The Active Alberta Coalition is looking for a leader who wants to think differently and challenge the status quo around collaboration and the narrative about the grand importance of physical activity. Must be an innovator that can build relationships, listen and recommend new ideas to advance collective work. Must be able to build a powerful narrative around the health and wellbeing outcomes of active living, sport and active recreation opportunities. Must have empathy and be a good listener regarding individual, organization and sector needs. Must be ambitious in building an active coordinated system where all partners involved in providing sport, active living and active recreation opportunities are encouraged to be more intentional and strategic in collaboration.

Role of the Leader:

Build Collaboration

  • Be responsible for building a unified sector and work alongside existing government efforts to improve coordination within and between active living, sport and active recreation opportunities in Alberta;
  • Represent participating organizations in a positive manner that will increase common capacity;
  • Work with stakeholders to build designated networking time in conferences and existing events for focused and relevant discussions
  • Listen and work alongside participating organizations to advance pressing issues in the active living, sport and active recreation sector;
  • Building active coordination and a unified voice for active living, sport and active recreation in Alberta
  • Develop a relationship engagement plan;
  • Work alongside participating organizations to develop key performance indicators through shared measurement within the broader sector.


Build Communications

  • Be a key driver of positive messaging of the value of sport, active living and active recreation;
  • Build communication pathways to share existing events, resources and projects;
  • Determine media leads, organize media events and create positive narratives and joint messaging of the work of sport, active living and active recreation. Create a Common Vision
  • Explore tools to assist in building communities of practice;
  • Create opportunities for organizations to meet with and present their work to key stakeholders and decision makers;
  • Develop a template/mentorship program of successful partnerships to guide increased partnerships;
  • Work with key stakeholders and alongside Government to create key performance indicators and priorities;
  • Provide leadership to work with Government/Funders to modify grant programs to help entice collaboration and reduce competition;
  • Understand federal, provincial and municipal sport, active living and active recreation policy and align existing efforts.

The Candidate Must:

  • Be self-driven to succeed;
  • Care for and build narratives around the positive elements of sport, active living and active recreation and highlight them as they address health and wellbeing;
  • Understand and practice a collective impact approach;
  • Be motivated by system change;
  • Think differently to come to solutions;
  • Be a strategic patient thinker and visionary;
  • Drive innovative practices and be able to inspire others to do so as well;
  • Have an understanding, knowledge and experience with Alberta’s active living, sport and active recreation sector;
  • Be an innovative leader with the knowledge and skills to provide meaningful professional development experiences;
  • Have excellent facilitation skills;
  • Have strong planning, organization and interpersonal skills;
  • Exhibit positive interactions with people backed with strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Exhibit an effective ability to collaborate and report to a variety of members and stakeholders;
  • Have strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and practical computing experience;
  • Demonstrate a high attention to detail;
  • Regularly report to the Edmonton Percy Page office (home location is flexible);
  • Be willing and able to travel throughout the province and may include weekend time.

Building active coordination and a unified voice for active living, sport and active recreation in Alberta

The Active Alberta Coalition Leader will report to the Leadership Committee of the Coalition.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Five or more years of community and sector experience;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Health Promotion, Sport and or related degree is required, Master’s degree is an asset;
  • Strong desire to be involved.

The Active Alberta Coalition is committed to equity in its policies, practices, and programs, while supporting diversity in its community, school, and work environments; The Active Alberta Coalition encourages qualified applicants of all backgrounds and abilities to apply for this position. Ever Active Schools will act as the backbone organization to the hiring process.

To apply, email a cover letter, resume and three confidential references to:

Your application will be assessed on how strongly your identified qualifications meet the criteria in the job advertisement. When applying, customize your application with your relevant skills and experience in order to address the job qualifications listed above. Reference letters are not required at this time. Please only provide 3 reference names and contact telephone numbers.

Applications or consulting proposals must be submitted by January 12th at 4:00pm to
In person interviews will be held in Edmonton the week of January 15th – 19th 2018 Start date is negotiable

Only successful applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your time in applying for the position. 

Type of Position: Full Time
Salary Range: $72,000 - $82,000

Contact Details

Contact Name: Active Alberta Coalition
Location: Flexible; Must report to Edmonton office regularly
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6
Contact Phone: 
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