Skeletal muscle oxidative function in vivo and ex vivo in athletes with marked hypertrophy from resistance training.

Authors: Salvadego D, Domenis R, Grassi B, et al.

Journal Of Applied Physiology. June 2013;114(6):1527- 1535.

Reviewed by Matt Jordan

The possibility that chronic strength training and the concomitant increase in muscle strength, muscle power and hypertrophy may enhance oxidative muscle function has been of great interest for improving athletic performance. However, mixed evidence and opinion exists amongst experts. In order to address this issue, the authors investigated oxidative muscle function in functional performance tests and through muscle biopsy in resistance trained subjects compared to control subjects. The main finding was that resistance trained subjects displayed enhanced mitochondrial respiratory function compensated for the decreased ability for oxygen extraction by the muscle associated with marked hypertrophy. The overall result was better whole-body oxidative function at peak exercise but no significant differences in efficiency at submaximal exercise intensities

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