Jump Performance Analysis of World-Class Mogul Skiers Over an Olympic Quadrennial Cycle Case Study.

Authors: Pethick, W. A., Murray, H. J., Gathercole, R. J., & Sleivert, G. G. (2014).

International Journal Of Sports Physiology & Performance, 9(1), 128- 132.

Reviewed by Leo Thornley

Our very own Pethick and colleagues offer a great case study, showing how consistently collecting data over the course of the quadrennial can help elucidate the changes that occur in the key performance factors. Knowing that jump performance is highly correlated to performance in Mogul skiing, this case study tracked jump performance over the four years leading into the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This paper highlights the importance of longitudinal data collection as well as understanding the variability and smallest worthwhile change of performance measures

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Athlete Development