The Truth about “Sitting Kills”

Between productivity losses and direct healthcare costs, the worldwide economic burden of physical inactivity was $67.5 billion in 2013. People aren’t moving enough and are sitting too much, contributing to what many call a global pandemic of physical inactivity. Results from studies in Western countries show that in general, people spend the majority of their waking time sedentary, and few meet...Read more

The Implications of Screen Time for Young Children

In June, the Canadian Paediatric Society released new screen time guidelines for children under 5years old. A child’s first experiences with screens can be habit-forming, with lasting implications. While there are potential benefits associated with mindful screen use among children, excessive screen time can present risks for development, psychosocial skills, and physical health. Parents and...Read more

Exercise Addiction: Can too much exercise be harmful?

The health benefits of physical activity and exercise keeps our bodies at a healthy weight and minimizes the risk of developing chronic diseases. Any amount of exercise is better than being sedentary , improving our chances of living longer and experiencing healthier lives. Though exercise is an enjoyable activity for many, it can be an addiction for others. Terms used to describe this addiction...Read more

Walk yourself to better health

Modern society has made life very accessible for humans. We do not have to chase down animals in order to eat, and we have the luxury of travelling from one point to the other without ever having to walk. We can all attest that we are very thankful of modern inventions, which have made our lives much easier. However, with transportation that is readily accessible, we have neglected to do the...Read more

A step in the right direction

As I write this blog post I sit at a computer and you probably are as well. When does sitting become excessive? Does sitting really affect your health? Many doctors and health practitioners claim that prolonged sitting (one hour or more) can in fact have a serious impact on your health. Results of prolonged sitting: Reduces energy levels Increases risk of weight gain Six or more hours of sitting...Read more

Are you an Active Couch Potato?

How much do you sit? Think of your day. How do you get to work? Drive? Bus? When you are at work are you sitting? Maybe you workout and then get home and sit for dinner and end your day with some TV or surfing the ‘Net. You may be an active person surpassing the guidelines for physical activity but how much do you sit and how does this affect your body? Sedentary behavior (i.e. sitting) can lead...Read more