Time to do a gut check on probiotics and sport

Participation in sport and physical activity has always been associated with health and wellness. And athletes are commonly looked upon as examples of good health and fitness. However, athletes that train and compete at high intensity levels are often at greater risk for succumbing to illness due to a vulnerable immune system. Making sure to maintain a healthy nutrition, sleep and recovery plan...Read more

Packing a healthy lunch!

The kids are back in school and with that parents resume the job of packing lunches. Healthy lunches and snacks are essential in providing the required nutrients and minerals a child will need to keep up the energy they need to learn and play at school. Every child has different energy needs which can change from day to day over time. Most schools will send uneaten food home so the parent will...Read more

Natural sweeteners as an alternative to sugar

For those of us who are health conscious and seeking to find alternatives to sugar you can try natural sweeteners. But are they better? Natural sweeteners are sweeteners that go through very little processing, if any, before hitting your local store and have less chemical residues. They are simple carbohydrates that rapidly decreases your energy, increases your blood sugar and are not likely to...Read more

Nutrients for Busy Athletes

Most athletes, professional and recreational, often eat relatively well but with busy lifestyles it can be very useful to be informed of a few of the key nutrients you can target for optimal health . We all know that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and choose low fat foods but did you know you may be missing some key nutrients including, calcium, zinc, iron and...Read more

Altitude Training

Training at high altitude has long been used by Olympians as a means of improving their potential. We all know that athletes always seek to get a competitive edge but what does altitude training really do for an athlete? Benefits of Altitude Training For any type of exercise that lasts longer than a few minutes the body needs to use oxygen to the produce energy required for the specific exercise...Read more

7 Canadian Power Plants

In the heart of flu season, protecting yourself from illness is very important. In the January/February edition of Canadian Running from the SIRC Collection, there is an article on 7 power plants to help boost your immune system. The 7 plants that are about can be grown right here in Canada. Whether you decide to use the plant as food, herb, or extract is up to you. If you want a little extract...Read more

Winning Immunity!

A healthy immune system helps us fight off diseases, helps in wound healing, and helps determine how well we age. In the sporting context, a healthy immune system aids training recovery, protects from illness and minimizes time away from training and competing. However, we all feel a little run down sometimes and this is our body’s way of saying that our immune system is a little weak. Symptoms...Read more