Static vs Dynamic Stretching

Warming up is essential for athletic performance, not only does it get the body ready to train or compete, it can improve performance and help prevent injury as well. And one of the essential parts of the warmup is stretching those muscles out. However, there has been a long time debate going on over the concept of stretching’s role in performance. Which is better static or dynamic stretching?...Read more

Preventing School Sports Injuries

With fall just around the corner, high school students will soon be hitting the Many school sports injuries are preventable through proper training, use of proper equipment and right conditioning. To build a successful team you have to have all your athletes’ healthy and ready to contribute. Keeping your team healthy makes the experience more memorable and gives your team the best chance of...Read more

Are Cool-downs Worth your Time?

After you finish an intense workout , you must remember that your body will still be trying to deal with the stress you have been putting it under for the past few hours. Since muscles need oxygen, our heart will continue to pump hard in order to transport the oxygenated blood through our bodies. Respiratory rates will be high, the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments will all experience...Read more

Is Stretching Really Necessary?

Stretching is an activity that we all know is beneficial to us but it's often overlooked. Stretching is necessary to a body in motion in order to help prevent injury and prepare the muscles for work. However, stretching is not a warm-up, in fact, stretching requires a warm-up. Stretching when your body is not warmed up can cause tiny tears in your muscle and also make you more prone to injury...Read more