Why Those Who Exercise Have a Good Head on Their Shoulders

Exercise doesn’t just improve physical health: it also benefits brain health through increased brain function and resistance to neurodegenerative diseases. One of the key players in this relationship is brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). What is Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)? Neuroplasticity involves modifying the functions of neurons and the different connections within the...Read more

Celebrate in Active Aging Week! Sept 23 - Sept 28

It's active aging week in Canada and this year's theme is "Discover your Community." Active aging events are planned locally which allows organizers in each community the ability to decide what they would like to do. Events are free for participants and are intended to be fun and educational, with a no-pressure atmosphere. The idea is based around what successful aging is - it's about engaging in...Read more

Boosting Brain Health with Exercise!

SIRC Newsletter now available online: Boosting Brain Health with Exercise! Everyone knows that exercise comes with many health benefits - while many of us go to the gym to trim up our waistlines, regular physical activity works out your brain too! When we move, our bodies release natural chemicals and hormones which improve mood as well as increasing oxygen production to the brain that helps it...Read more

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2013

With a new year just begin nin g and all the ho liday celebrations com ing to an end, many of us are probably looking fo rward to getting back to or st arting a new fitness routin e. The A merican College of Sports Medici ne (A CSM) and Goo d life Fitness each survey fitness professionals to ga uge what they fe el will be the t op fitness trends of the new year. Looking over both repor ts , we've...Read more

Don't let age slow you down!

Many of you may not know that the International Council on Active Aging celebrates Active Aging Week , from September 23-29. A lot people participate in this annual event, with this year's theme being many journeys, many destinations. To celebrate this week, we are giving some tips for healthy, active living, so you don't have to let age slow you down! 1. Determine your participation style - Do...Read more


SIRC Newsletter now available online: Engagement With London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics still in everyone’s minds, it’s important to leverage this momentum to get more people engaged in sport. Sport has always promoted inclusion within the community; it supports participation and fun regardless of your gender, religion, ability, ethnicity, age or disability. Sport provides an avenue for...Read more

Strength Training

SIRC Newsletter now available online: Strength Training Most people think strength training is just for professional athletes or body builders but we all need to understand what strength training is and the role it can have in improving our body and overall health . If you establish training guidelines and follow proper nutritional recommendations, adding regular resistance training in your daily...Read more

Forever Young

/*--> */ As we all get older, age starts to take a toll on our bodies. For most of us this is a pessimistic outlook that we do not want, therefore we need to take action. Quality of life is just as important as quantity, training is necessary for health and longevity. Exercise suggestions: When going to the gym, a workout should not be focused on a specific area of the body. Most people that work...Read more

Draft: The Master of the Masters

From the day we are born, we are getting older. Fom the beginning of our time on this planet, we first get stronger and develop energy systems for the body to function at its most efficient, and then at some point, without a fight, it starts to reverse itself. Aging in humans is a process characterized by a whole host of changes in all bodily systems that ultimately result in a decreased capacity...Read more