Running with the kids – a new trend for families

Ottawa Race Weekend is now in sight and is the biggest multi-distance race event in Canada. Whether you walk, jog, or run, it’s becoming increasingly common to have kids, parents, and grandparents all signing up for different races and cheering each other on. Sedentary lifestyles are becoming the norm and events like this one can be a way to get everyone excited about running and physical...Read more

Want to have a good quality sleep? Try Exercise!

Poor sleep quality is a common issue for many people, in fact, one in four people experience sleep difficulties. This includes trouble falling or staying asleep, early morning waking, sleeping too much, or experiencing a restless sleep. Experts agree that regular exercise helps improve sleep quality but recent studies suggest that the combination of sleep and exercise may be more complex than we...Read more

Children less fit than their parents

Cardiovascular endurance exercise helps strengthen your heart so that it is able to transport oxygen to your organs and muscles. The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. With proper diet and regular exercise, cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke can be minimized. A person’s heart health is a good indicator of their overall health. But are our children as...Read more

Physical Literacy

SIRC Newsletter now available online: Physical Literacy Physical literacy is an extremely important aspect in youth development because it provides the fundamental movement skills needed to enjoy the wide range of physical activities that are available to us. Basic motor skills are the building blocks for more specialized movement skills and patterns that an athlete will need to reach greater...Read more

Walk yourself to better health

Modern society has made life very accessible for humans. We do not have to chase down animals in order to eat, and we have the luxury of travelling from one point to the other without ever having to walk. We can all attest that we are very thankful of modern inventions, which have made our lives much easier. However, with transportation that is readily accessible, we have neglected to do the...Read more

Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue seems simple: your body has reached its limit, you're tired. The current understanding is that we feel exhausted because of physical factors . Not enough oxygen and fuel to the muscles and decreased blood flow to the brain means that your muscles are no longer able to generate power no matter how hard you try. While this is true, it may not be the only factor in feeling fatigued. A recent...Read more

Forever Young

/*--> */ As we all get older, age starts to take a toll on our bodies. For most of us this is a pessimistic outlook that we do not want, therefore we need to take action. Quality of life is just as important as quantity, training is necessary for health and longevity. Exercise suggestions: When going to the gym, a workout should not be focused on a specific area of the body. Most people that work...Read more

Dance for Fitness

The debate on the athleticism, physical requirements and benefits of dancing is finally being put to rest and the sport is gaining much deserved respect. Generally an aerobic exercise, regular sessions of dancing can bring well known health benefits , such as: weight control flexibility strength endurance reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease a sense of psychological well-being However,...Read more

Start2Finish Battles Child Poverty

“ Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute poverty or destitution refers to being unable to afford basic human needs, which commonly includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter.” (Wikipedia) What is most troubling about poverty is that as Canadians we think that poverty refers to other people in...Read more