Moderation, the smart choice in combating holiday weight gain!

It is that time of year where goodies such as sweets and holiday snacks are abundant around the office and at home. It is also a busy time for all, as we are traveling to visit people or are entertaining family and friends. With all the holidays’ festivities, we might start neglecting our exercise routines and healthy eating habits in the hopes of working off the excess after the holidays. A...Read more

Children less fit than their parents

Cardiovascular endurance exercise helps strengthen your heart so that it is able to transport oxygen to your organs and muscles. The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. With proper diet and regular exercise, cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke can be minimized. A person’s heart health is a good indicator of their overall health. But are our children as...Read more

Thirst for success

There is little doubt that proper hydration has many benefits for physiological function, performance and health. Good hydration practices follow the general premise that an individual will attempt to match fluid intake with fluid losses. We know that when sweat loss exceeds fluid intake we become dehydrated, although it's a common practice to drink fluids despite a lack of thirst. When athletes...Read more

Never underestimate the power of a good walk

Walking is one of the least expensive and most accessible forms of physical exercise. It can be adopted by people of all ages and abilities, requires no training and is a great benefit to your health. Walking isn't an exercise that leads to many injuries, although it's still a good idea to equip yourself with proper fitting shoes and loose comfortable clothes . Whatever the weather conditions be...Read more

Exercising for Two!

Congratulations!!! You just found out you are pregnant and you are looking forward to all the exciting changes to happen over the next few months. But most of all you are now “eating for two” so this is an excuse to eat whatever you want whenever you want. Although this is the belief among many pregnant women it is not true. Now more than ever you should be taking care of your body, watching what...Read more

Healthy Holiday Eating

Tis the season of good cheer and holiday celebrations. Keeping your basic dietary and exercise lifestyle habits on track helps to combat that holiday weight gain. Research shows that one-off over-indulgences do not cause weight gain, rather the weight gain is induced by the gradual and sustained caloric increases or dietary habits that are developed as long term behaviours. So while it is fine to...Read more