Key nutritional needs for athletes

Most people are aware that athletes require adequate nutrition in order to keep their bodies in their best shape for training and competition. And while every athlete is an individual and may require specific things to meet their dietary needs based on individual physical characteristics, training and competition schedules, and overall nutritional goals, there are some basic and key elements to...Read more

Nutrition on the Road

Enjoy the local cuisine (after you compete) - Some people have no problem trying new food, in fact they love it. However, when an athlete is travelling to compete, it may be better to save those interesting local dishes for after the competition. When it comes to performance, it is better to be safe than sorry. Travelling is one of the major benefits of elite competition but athletes need to be...Read more

Helping Kids Beat the Heat!

Winter has ended and the long awaited days of summer have begun. Children are moving their competitions and practices from indoor facilities to the outdoors leaving behind recycled air for fresh air. However, with summer starting and more outdoor activities on the schedule, it is a good idea to make sure your children are well hydrated as they participate in physical activity in hotter weather...Read more

Surviving the Summer Scorcher

With this summer giving us all scorching weather it may be tempting to many of us to limit our outdoor workouts to 5 am and avoid competing until September. Here's some tips for beating the heat as the temperature and humidity soars. Nutrition - Daily diet can be easily overlooked when dealing with the heat, but increasing water-based foods such as fresh fruit instead of dried such as granola or...Read more

Thirst for success

There is little doubt that proper hydration has many benefits for physiological function, performance and health. Good hydration practices follow the general premise that an individual will attempt to match fluid intake with fluid losses. We know that when sweat loss exceeds fluid intake we become dehydrated, although it's a common practice to drink fluids despite a lack of thirst. When athletes...Read more

What exactly are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are electrically charged particles that help the body function normally. The importance of electrolytes in the human body is so great that we quickly react to an electrolyte deficiency. Athletes in particular are susceptible because electrolytes are depleted during perspiration . Some of the more familiar electrolytes include potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. These minerals...Read more

Nutrition Strategies for Young Athletes

Young athletes need plenty of energy . They need it to grow, to play and to compete. When it comes to active children or teenagers, it can be easy to skimp on nutrition - we all lead busy lives and snacks, high sugar drinks and fast food are usually quick grab-and-go items. Whole grains, dairy, lean meats and fresh fruits are what the body needs to be at its best. Carbohydrates - Good quality...Read more

Staying Safe In and On the Water

The Civic long weekend is just around the corner in Canada and that means friends, family and fun! Everyone loves to partake in a variety of events and activities, which may include having fun in the water, especially since swimming and boating are great ways to beat the heat, that’s for sure. Canada is a country that is defined by water, and water requires the ultimate respect. Playing in and...Read more

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.”

There is no doubt that water is essential for life considering that 60-70% of our bodies is made up of water. Consuming just the right amount of water is paramount in not only regulating body temperature, but building new cells, eliminating waste and playing its’ part in producing energy. But can you ever have too much of it? The simple answer is yes, especially if you are working out or...Read more

Drink up!

We all know how important it is to remain hydrated during sport and exercise so as to maintain our performance level. Your body needs to replace fluids, sodium, potassium, chloride and other elements lost during exertion. And while it is important to consume liquids there may be a couple of little known facts that you might be interested to add to your knowledge bank. Did you know that emerging...Read more