Minimizing Jet Lag, Maximizing Performance

Athletes are travelling more than ever, flying across the world for competition and training. Even competing in the same country can require travelling through multiple time zones. At a time when athletes want to be in peak form, jet lag can interfere with mood and performance. Understanding of the body’s natural clock, however, can help us plan for and manage jet lag symptoms. Jet Lag vs. Travel...Read more

How Can You Adapt Your Exercise Plans to Your Travel?

Be it for business or for pleasure, travelling often shakes up your normal schedule. Meals, sleep, and fitness routines change to accommodate meetings or activities. Travel doesn’t need to set you back from your fitness goals, though. There are several strategies you can use while on the road to help you stay in shape without your usual equipment or regimen. Depending on your current physical...Read more

Nutrition on the Road

Enjoy the local cuisine (after you compete) - Some people have no problem trying new food, in fact they love it. However, when an athlete is travelling to compete, it may be better to save those interesting local dishes for after the competition. When it comes to performance, it is better to be safe than sorry. Travelling is one of the major benefits of elite competition but athletes need to be...Read more

Surviving the Summer Scorcher

With this summer giving us all scorching weather it may be tempting to many of us to limit our outdoor workouts to 5 am and avoid competing until September. Here's some tips for beating the heat as the temperature and humidity soars. Nutrition - Daily diet can be easily overlooked when dealing with the heat, but increasing water-based foods such as fresh fruit instead of dried such as granola or...Read more

Food for the traveling athlete

As an athlete, there is a good chance that you will be traveling to competitions at some point in your career. Wherever you are, a change in your schedule, environment or even time zone can significantly disrupt an athlete's routine, especially diet. Sometimes when you're tired and hungry it can feel easier to just grab-and-go but it's important to remember that making good food choices on the...Read more

The Guide to Adventure Travel

Travel and sport are often used together when thinking of traveling for the next hockey or basketball tournament. But now more than ever, adventure sport enthusiasts are combining their love of sport and travel and turning it into a winning combination. A recent article about adventure travel from the SIRC Collection gives the readers the basics everyone will need to have a safe and successful...Read more