How do you get back into the routine after the holidays?

A new year often brings about new goals and new beginnings … but it doesn’t always have to be about “new”. Quite often we have established good training programs and behaviours that are already working for us, but perhaps over the holidays things came up and we need a boost to get back on track. Holidays may mean that we’ve taken time off, relaxed our routines, had our routine thrown off by...Read more

How to build a successful team

Successful teams such as the Carleton University Ravens men’s basketball team, the University of Guelph Gryphons cross country program and John Wooden’s UCLA men’s basketball squad are collegiate teams that most would like to emulate; simply put, winning is part of their DNA. Creating a culture of success takes effective leadership and proper planning, given that these teams are extremely result...Read more

Keeping the Momentum

Whether you’re planning a March break getaway or already thinking ahead to summer vacation, a little time away can be the highlight of your year. Travel typically involves departing from your daily routine which can include your workout or training schedule . Sometimes a break in training can be seen as a setback in the hard work you've put into reaching your fitness goals. Keeping up training...Read more