SIRC hosts the 11th annual Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI) Conference!

About SCRI 2017 Despite sport having endless benefits for your health, social well-being, and everyday life, many individuals are still hesitant to participate. In order to resolve this itching problem of how to get more people involved in sport, we must answer why . What is preventing them from participating? What are the barriers that youth, persons with disabilities, seniors, men and women,...Read more

Coaching – Keeping Sport Fun for All

We all know how much sport can offer kids; we've got numerous research studies along with our personal experiences to back it up. Research also shows us that most sport participation rates peak at 13 years old and then continuously drop throughout the teenage years. While many factors contribute to this drop off, a significant area worth exploring is the element of fun in sport , what coaches can...Read more

Why do girls need athletic role models?

When role models are mentioned in sport, the first thing that comes to mind are high profile celebrities. While positive role models can be found in amateur and professional sports, it's the people they see every day that make the biggest difference. Parents, coaches, teachers or even older siblings often have a profound effect on a young girl and how they view themselves and their chosen sport...Read more

How can we encourage youth to participate in sport?

There is extensive research on the health benefits of being physically active; despite this fact, a great number of Canadian youths are still not meeting the recommended level of daily physical activity . Being physically active not only improves physiological outcomes but research has shown it can also improve cognitive function and mental health . For youth to participate in physical activity...Read more

Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Recreational Sport and Fitness Programs

Seniors may be overlooked when thinking about adding diversity to your sports and fitness programs when the fact is that many seniors share the same barriers when facing sport participation. Community recreation and sport programs can be great for older people who feel isolated by helping them build connections as well as open up other possibilities for participation in other activities. Research...Read more

Parental Influence on kids’ sporting experience

Parents have a tremendous influence in the development and enjoyment of a child’s sporting life especially in the early years. Instilling confidence, emotional support and emphasizing development as opposed to outcome helps a child to focus on improvement and effort. A parent’s role should be to encourage the child regardless of ability, limit criticisms after a game, let the coaches do their job...Read more