Debunking the Myth of Running Shoe Selection

The Flawed Model of Running Shoe Selection Magazines, shoe stores, and shoe manufacturers have long prescribed running shoes based on an individual’s arch type. Normal levels of supination are needed to generate force upon push off, while pronation helps to absorb the force of heel strike. Some people have foot shapes that are more at one of the ends of the spectrum, though: based on the...Read more

No shoes, no problem?

In 1960, Abebe Bikila ran an Olympic marathon in record time ... shoeless (2:15:16). He did not do it for the freedom of barefoot running but rather could not get a pair proper fitting shoes. There are many arguments being made from both sides of shoes versus barefoot/minimalist debate. While there have been claims that running shoes are causing more injuries, this has not been proven. And on the...Read more