How do you get back into the routine after the holidays?

A new year often brings about new goals and new beginnings … but it doesn’t always have to be about “new”. Quite often we have established good training programs and behaviours that are already working for us, but perhaps over the holidays things came up and we need a boost to get back on track. Holidays may mean that we’ve taken time off, relaxed our routines, had our routine thrown off by...Read more

Beach Running – Your Summer or Vacation Workout


Now that summer is officially here, our thoughts are with sunshine, barbeques, and days spent on the beach. Beach running offers many benefits to a runner that wants to up the challenge a bit. Breathing the air, taking in the scenery and the people, not only does it feel good, it can be a great way to boost your fitness levels. Running on sand requires 1.6 times the energy that running on a hard...Read more

Get yourself pumped up with a great playlist!

Many studies have shown that music provides a welcome distraction from discomfort and is a great mood booster. It encourages a person to move with the beat of each song and has the capacity to increase energy and improve physical performance. This is great news for anyone that may have trouble motivating themselves to exercise since all of the above have great applications for both the...Read more

Fit in Fitness!

Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for your health and well-being – most of us have the desire to be more active but tend to get bogged down in the busyness of everyday life. While many people cite ‘lack of time’ to be the main culprit for sedentary lifestyles , studies have shown there are other factors that contribute such as a lack of motivation and enjoyment, negative...Read more

Is massage effective for exercise recovery?

For most coaches, trainers, and athletes, massage is an integral part of a training and competition program. Sports massage can be used to improve athletic performance , speed recovery , and can be used by all individuals, professional or recreational athletes, to help improve conditioning and maintain peak performance. What is sport massage? Sports massage is the assessment and hands-on...Read more

Strength and Conditioning

SIRC Newsletter: Strength and Conditioning Successful performance in sport requires that the athlete possess some combination of strength, power and speed. Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness, and it provides an important balance to aerobic workouts. When done properly, strength training will help an athlete...Read more

Developing consistency in your training

When we exercise, train, and eat properly, we do these things for our overall health or because we have a certain goal we want to achieve. Whether it be winning world titles or just losing several pounds, we are motivated to pursue a certain outcome. Perhaps the most important thing about achieving your goals is consistency . Great athletes become great athletes because they are consistent in...Read more

Pre-workout fueling for athletes

Athletes of all sports and abilities have wondered at one time or another, what food they should eat before a training session. To get the most out of a workout, you will need to devote some time and attention to your nutrition habits in order to know what works the best for your body. Many athletes fear gastrointestinal distress during competition and will refrain from eating. This can cause...Read more

Circuit Training

Circuit training promises a fast, whole body workout that is a great way to improve skills , mobility, strength and all-round body conditioning. This type of training offers variety, flexibility in its activities, can be simple, complex, general or specific. Usually designed by coaches and fitness instructors, it is a high intensity workout that is easily adaptable for people of all fitness...Read more

Surviving the Summer Scorcher

With this summer giving us all scorching weather it may be tempting to many of us to limit our outdoor workouts to 5 am and avoid competing until September. Here's some tips for beating the heat as the temperature and humidity soars. Nutrition - Daily diet can be easily overlooked when dealing with the heat, but increasing water-based foods such as fresh fruit instead of dried such as granola or...Read more