Mindfulness for Peak Performance

Being an athlete is rewarding in countless ways, but there are also times it can be stressful. From experienced world-class athletes to young children in sport, athletes can be under immense external and internal pressure. To promote peak performance, as well as continued enjoyment of sport, mental skills training should be included within the training plan. Mindfulness training, in particular,...Read more

Flow State: In the zone for optimal sports performance!

For basketball fans and sports enthusiasts this is a great time of year. March Madness is upon us. In tournaments such as this, when the outcome of a single game determines who plays on and who goes home, a single player hitting their peak can make all the difference. When an athlete can seem to do no wrong in their play, they are often referred to as being "on fire” or being in “ the zone ”. The...Read more

Performance Anxiety

It is the dying seconds of a basketball game. Your team is down. Making the next basket would lift your team to victory. What do you do? Some players live for the high-pressure moments and want the ball in their hands, since the game is on the line. Others struggle under the pressure and may experience performance anxiety that can hinder their ability to perform. These high-pressure moments are...Read more

Anxiété de performance

Vous êtes dans les dernières minutes d’un match de basketball. Votre équipe tire de l’arrière. En réussissant le prochain panier, vous amenez votre équipe à la victoire. Que se passe-t-il pour vous? Certains joueurs vivent pour ces moments de haute tension et veulent avoir le ballon entre leurs mains quand le match est sur le point de basculer. D’autres joueurs se démènent quand la pression est...Read more

Hitting the Mark

by Emily Syer Algonquin College Library Technician Program SIRC Intern Is running not your thing? Looking for a new way to stay physically active? Why not give archery a try? From Merida in Brave, to Katniss in The Hunger Games, and Hawkeye in The Avengers, archery is an admired and skillful sport. “The thing about archery is that everyone can do it and everyone can have a good day at it. You don...Read more

Are you Tough Enough?

When preparing for a race, a competition or just everyday exercise, mental preparation plays a vital role in the training process. Mental toughness is the psychological edge that an athlete uses to cope with the demands of training and performances at an event. It allows the athlete to remain consistent, determined, focused, confident and in control under the pressures that they face. Athletes...Read more

Hit the Start Line Prepared!

You’ve been preparing for your big competition and it’s finally here. Managing stress when you are about to compete is always a challenge when you’ve put so much effort in the hopes of being successful. Pre-event planning is not something to be overlooked and can be essential to your achieving your goal. Knowing that everything is in order and accounted for can help to ease your mind and help you...Read more