Workplace Wellness

According to research by the Conference Board of Canada, workplace health and wellness was estimated to be a booming $6 billion industry and set to permeate 78% of workplaces in 2016. This trend has continued to grow throughout 2017 with workplaces exploring various ways to ensure the well-being of their employees. And while creating a healthy workplace can be a challenging task in today’s...Read more

The Truth about “Sitting Kills”

Between productivity losses and direct healthcare costs, the worldwide economic burden of physical inactivity was $67.5 billion in 2013. People aren’t moving enough and are sitting too much, contributing to what many call a global pandemic of physical inactivity. Results from studies in Western countries show that in general, people spend the majority of their waking time sedentary, and few meet...Read more

Wishing You a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!

From our team to yours, wishing you all the best of the holidays and a Happy New Year ! See you in 2017 when we celebrate Canada’s 150 th ! The holidays are upon us and with it brings the season of giving. When we celebrate with friends and family, we share our generosity with a variety of presents from food and drink to electronics and toys. All those things that we’ve added to our lists of “...Read more

Why Should You Make Your Fruit and Vegetable Selection Colourful?

Many people often say that you eat first with your eyes. Selecting a menu full of colour not only makes your meal more appealing to the visual senses, it will benefit your health too. Different colours of foods generally mean that it contains different vitamins and minerals. When you think about it, no one single food can contain all the nutrients that an individual needs, so eating different...Read more

Is it possible to have a healthy, active holiday season?

For 11 months of the year we (mostly) watch what we eat and stick to our exercise routine, then the holidays roll around and the wheels fall off. Tempted by wonderful goodies every time you turn around and overloaded by a hectic schedule it’s easy to let your healthy habits slip, overindulge, neglect your workouts and become stressed. Did you know that tobogganing can burn up to 346 calories an...Read more

Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Recreational Sport and Fitness Programs

Seniors may be overlooked when thinking about adding diversity to your sports and fitness programs when the fact is that many seniors share the same barriers when facing sport participation. Community recreation and sport programs can be great for older people who feel isolated by helping them build connections as well as open up other possibilities for participation in other activities. Research...Read more

Fit in Fitness!

Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for your health and well-being – most of us have the desire to be more active but tend to get bogged down in the busyness of everyday life. While many people cite ‘lack of time’ to be the main culprit for sedentary lifestyles , studies have shown there are other factors that contribute such as a lack of motivation and enjoyment, negative...Read more

Entering the Positive World of Yoga

By Jessica Price Algonquin Sport Business Management student Yoga is an ancient tradition that focuses on breathing, simple mediation, and body posture. Today, yoga has become increasing popular because people use it as a means to good health and relaxation. With heart disease on the rise, and stress being one of the major contributors it is no wonder people are attracted to the holistic view of...Read more

Vitamin B12: The Basics

An important key to maintaining a healthy mind and body is ensuring we’re fulfilling our daily nutritional needs. This means getting the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals from our food and understanding what role they play in our health. Getting to know a little more about vitamin B12, particularly for athletes, and how it aids in cell production and repair is a little thing that can...Read more

National Health and Fitness Day

National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) takes place on June 7, 2014 and is about involving local governments in increasing the physical activity of their communities in response to declining rates of physical activity and increasing rates of heart disease and obesity. The project was initiated by MP John Weston in the fall of 2012 to motivate and encourage Canadians into actively taking...Read more