Next Level Coaching – Building an Effective Leadership Style

Coaches, in a nutshell, are educated leaders who influence people to work towards a specific goal. Effective leadership in sport requires knowing the best approach for assisting players based upon their level of skills and motivation, and transforming that knowledge into a dynamic environment for learning and success. There is no right way to be a leader but there are various behaviours and...Read more

Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

In most workplace settings the onus of coming up with creative solutions to problems is generally on the shoulders of designated leaders. It’s an essential part of their job and many of them are in leadership positions because of their ability to problem solve. Now imagine what would happen if an organization took the opportunity to broaden their reach and tapped into the backgrounds, experiences...Read more

Recruit a friend! The benefits of a workout buddy
Sometimes motivating yourself to workout can be tough and even the most dedicated person has days where they would rather sit on the couch and watch a movie. That's why recruiting a workout buddy to join you in your chosen activity is one of the smartest moves you can make and may be the difference in whether or not you succeed in your goals. When you are first choosing a partner to train with,...Read more

Suffering from a chronic condition? Exercise can help.

The majority of us when we are in pain will typically want to take it easy, stopping all activity that may be the least bit strenuous. While this obviously makes sense in the short term (1-2 days) to allow recovery, a prolonged absence from activity it can actually undermine the healing process. A lot of people are under the misconception that when you don’t feel well you’re supposed to just lie...Read more

Goal setting: A motivational tool to develop talent

Setting goals for any athlete creates a vision and sets a plan of what they hope to accomplish. Goals should be challenging but also realistic in order to keep the athlete motived. Writing them down ensures that the process is more effective since they are able to refer to objectives on a regular basis. Having short-term, medium-term and long-term goals allows an athlete to dream, develop...Read more

Preparing for the final weeks of wrestling season

The championship season is just around the corner and from the coach’s point of view, the athletes who have reached this stage have done so through consistent training. They have prepared well and their workouts have been periodized to peak during this phase of the season. In wrestling , the plan coaches and athletes set forth at the beginning of the preseason can only be tweaked since major...Read more

These Paws Were Made for Walking

Owning a pet can offer you more than just adorable pictures to post to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. The benefits of having a four-legged companion range from being less stressed, to increased physical activity , and even a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease . Companion animals have been used in various therapies for years to help raise spirits and be a calming presence. Now post-...Read more

Taking the Gym “To Go”

The development of fitness apps for mobile devices is essentially turning smartphones into pop-up gyms that include the personal trainer, minus the heavy price tag. Variety is abundant and their convenience makes them a viable tool when getting to the gym just isn’t possible. So why not browse through the available apps and see if you can find your own pocket personal trainer. A couple of current...Read more

Can motivation be developed?

by Trent Weir Algonquin College Sport Business Management Intern Kieran Behan made his first Olympic appearance at the 2012 London Games as the first gymnast from Ireland to qualify based on his results. While it's an impressive feat, it is only part of the story. As a young boy, Kieran suffered two major injuries, as a result he was told on both occasions by physicians that he might never walk...Read more

La motivation se développe-t-elle?

by Trent Weir Algonquin College Sport Business Management Intern Kieran Behan * a participé à ses premiers Jeux olympiques aux Jeux de Londres en 2012; il était le premier gymnaste de l’Irlande à se qualifier sur la base de ses résultats. Même s’il s’agit d’un exploit impressionnant, ce n’est qu’une partie de l’histoire. Jeune garçon, Kieran a été aux prises avec deux blessures majeures et en ces...Read more