Key nutritional needs for athletes

Most people are aware that athletes require adequate nutrition in order to keep their bodies in their best shape for training and competition. And while every athlete is an individual and may require specific things to meet their dietary needs based on individual physical characteristics, training and competition schedules, and overall nutritional goals, there are some basic and key elements to...Read more

Nutritional demands for adolescent athletes

Good nutrition for adolescents is essential for promoting proper growth and development and is even more important with the demanding training schedules of a young athlete. The Canadian Food Guide provides excellent nutritional information for teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years who participate in general physical activity. For teens that train at high intensities and compete on competitive...Read more

Nutrition and Performance - SIRC newsletter

From training and competition to recovery plans, proper nutrition is important for both competitive and recreational athletes alike. Consuming a well-balanced diet enables your body to adjust to training, fuels your muscles for competition and ultimately helps you obtain optimal performance. With all the nutrition recommendations available online today, it can be difficult to separate the good...Read more

Confused about carbs?

Optimizing performance can be done in a variety of ways and an athlete nutrition strategy should be part of that process. Carbohydrates are vital for peak performance because they are one of the main sources of energy for our brains and bodies to work properly. What are carbohydrates? There are two main classifications of carbohydrates: simple (mono- and disaccharides) and complex (polysaccarides...Read more

Pre-workout fueling for athletes

Athletes of all sports and abilities have wondered at one time or another, what food they should eat before a training session. To get the most out of a workout, you will need to devote some time and attention to your nutrition habits in order to know what works the best for your body. Many athletes fear gastrointestinal distress during competition and will refrain from eating. This can cause...Read more

Recovery Nutrition - Carbs and protein

Recovery nutrition should be an important goal that is placed at the top of any serious athletes training priorities. Immediately after training, muscles are primed to absorb nutrients such as carbohydrate (restores muscle glycogen) and protein (repairs damaged muscle fibres), both of which are essential for rapid recovery from intense exercise. Proper nutrition is an essential part of the...Read more

Nutrition Strategies for Young Athletes

Young athletes need plenty of energy . They need it to grow, to play and to compete. When it comes to active children or teenagers, it can be easy to skimp on nutrition - we all lead busy lives and snacks, high sugar drinks and fast food are usually quick grab-and-go items. Whole grains, dairy, lean meats and fresh fruits are what the body needs to be at its best. Carbohydrates - Good quality...Read more

Does protein aid recovery?

In recent years, Athletes should be able to get the required amount of protein for their needs by talking to a registered dietitian and altering their diets to match their training. Some good examples of protein to add to your diet are: milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, assorted beans, peas lentils and grains. Achieving a balance between training, competition stresses and recovery is very important...Read more

Are Sports Drinks a Waste of Money?

Sports drinks are extremely popular right now and with so many appearing on the market all claiming different things, before you buy, you should know what's in those bottles and how to use them properly. Sports drinks are made to replenish the body's fluid losses during intense physical exercise, and the "classic" sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade) aim to accomplish three things: Prevent...Read more

Smoothies can be a Quick Fix

If you’re pressed for time but looking for a nutritious fix, a smoothie is an ideal choice. Smoothies can serve as a quick snack or as an addition to a regular meal. An athlete can make a smoothie according to their desires and fitness needs. For instance an athlete looking to lose some weight can make a smoothie comprising of low calorie ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Fruit and...Read more