Crunching numbers: De-mystifying digital analytics for sport organizations

We all seem to hear the words digital analytics and ‘big data’ tossed around a lot in our world of information sharing, but few people really understand what analytics are and how applying them can benefit a sport organization. Digital analytics , at its core, is a way for sport organizations to examine their websites and determine what’s working and what isn’t. Once pinpointed, solutions can be...Read more

Planning for the Future: Creating and implementing strategic plans

A strategic plan is a essentially a road map that outlines who the organization is, what it stands for, its vision for the future, and how it’s going to get there. It communicates organizational goals, direction, strategies, and programs, as well as engages and motivates external and internal audiences. Having a strategic plan is an essential part of organizational success although the process of...Read more

Sport Leadership - Creating Opportunities for Women

When female athletes decide to make the transition into leadership positions they bring with them numerous skills that have been developed from participating in sport. Many times these include high standards for success, the ability to overcome obstacles, exceptional discipline, and the ability work with and inspire a team - all of which are tremendously valuable for any organization. Even with...Read more

SIRC Newsletter: Social Media

Sport and social media are now irrevocably intertwined with fans actively engaged with their favourite athletes and sport teams on a regular basis. The World Cup is currently being touted as the biggest social media event ever with millions of fans tweeting, posting and commenting on each live game. It changes so quickly that it can be difficult for sport organizations, coaches and athletes to...Read more


Check out the latest SIRC Newsletter on Volunteers ! Recruiting, selection, references, training, recognition and retention is just as important with volunteers as it would be with paid employees. Often recruiting volunteers is a major hurdle faced by organizations. Why not try looking at the older or younger generations for a new pool of recruits? It is important to remember a proper background...Read more

The 12 Minute Sport Lawyer – Ottawa Edition

The first installment of the SIRC/CSL Knowledge Management Series was a success! The 12 Minute Lawyer took place yesterday afternoon in Ottawa. If you missed attending you have another chance. Register now for the session held in Toronto on February 23 at SIRC@Sport4Ontario. Rachel and Steve from the Canadian Centre for Sport and Law led a discussion about some of the hot, legal issues in the...Read more