The Athlete Biological Passport: Enhancing clean sport

Promoting fair play and implementing ethical sport policies are among the options for promoting clean sport. Rules and regulations are created in order to protect the health and safety of participants – as well as the integrity of sport. However, in the world of elite performance, in which millimeters, milliseconds and milligrams matter, the equipment you use and what you put into your body can...Read more

The cheater’s high: why do athletes cheat?

Athletes train to be able to compete at their best with integrity, honesty and the hope their opponents have done the same, although sometimes this is not the case. Cheating is nothing new; resorting to anything to get an edge on your opponent, has long been part of the history of sport. Whether it is performance enhancing drugs, shaving points, or sports betting, the dark side of our will to win...Read more

Respect, Fair Play and Ethical Behaviour - SIRC Newsletter

SIRC Newsletter Now Online: Respect, Fair Play and Ethical Behaviour We have heard before that respect, fair play and ethical behaviour (also known as sportsmanship) are all learned behaviours. The question is from whom and when do we learn these? It is never too early to learn the fundamentals, physical education classes and grassroots programs are excellent places to start. However this...Read more