Sport and Physical Activity to De-Stress the Holidays

From our team to yours, wishing you all the best of the holidays and a Happy New Year! We look forward to empowering sport through knowledge in 2018! The holiday season is a wonderful time of year when family and friends get together to celebrate the joys life brings. For some, however the holidays can be a stressful time planning and/or attending social events, finishing up the year’s work,...Read more

Destressing the Workplace

Just about everyone who has held a job has felt a degree of anxiousness or stress about it at some point. In fact, there are times when stress provides us with the energy and motivation to meet or exceed expectations. The pressure can help us rise to the occasion and meet challenges, goals and/or deadlines. However, when stress goes beyond this and causes exhaustion, frustration, dissatisfaction...Read more

The Runner’s Tummy

Experiencing physical activity by training to compete or exercising to improve our health are two ways to enhance quality of life. As you are going about your routine, stomach cramps can sometimes cause discomfort and cut short your workout. Runner’s tummy or gastrointestinal (GI) issues can hinder your ability to perform or achieve your activity goals. It can also be very embarrassing to the...Read more

Hit the Start Line Prepared!

You’ve been preparing for your big competition and it’s finally here. Managing stress when you are about to compete is always a challenge when you’ve put so much effort in the hopes of being successful. Pre-event planning is not something to be overlooked and can be essential to your achieving your goal. Knowing that everything is in order and accounted for can help to ease your mind and help you...Read more