Beating the Winter Blues

With the cold weather and shorter daylight hours, many people struggle with their mood and behaviour. Less sunlight, reduced access to physical activity and a general feeling of lethargy seem to build on each other to affect behaviours. The cold, dark days of winter may cause shifts in sleep, eating and energy. It may be just a case of the ‘winter blues’ or it may be full on Seasonal Affective...Read more

Overcoming the Fear of Re-injury

Athletes often push their bodies to the limits to keep them fit and make them faster. While this attitude keeps athletes at the top of their game, it also comes with a risk. Injuries are commonplace in the sport community, freak accidents happen to the best of us even with extra precaution and care. After a major injury, an athlete may become 'injury-prone' . This can happen when fears, conscious...Read more

Healing Shortcut

Following an injury, it is often hard having to sit out and wait to recover. This is when a new therapy has been called into play, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) surgery . The therapy consists of placing athlete’s blood in a centrifuge and reinserting it in the wound. The end result is healed tissue. This therapy is often claims to speed up recovery. However, studies published by the Journal of the...Read more