The Truth about “Sitting Kills”

Between productivity losses and direct healthcare costs, the worldwide economic burden of physical inactivity was $67.5 billion in 2013. People aren’t moving enough and are sitting too much, contributing to what many call a global pandemic of physical inactivity. Results from studies in Western countries show that in general, people spend the majority of their waking time sedentary, and few meet...Read more

Overcoming the Fear of Re-injury

Athletes often push their bodies to the limits to keep them fit and make them faster. While this attitude keeps athletes at the top of their game, it also comes with a risk. Injuries are commonplace in the sport community, freak accidents happen to the best of us even with extra precaution and care. After a major injury, an athlete may become 'injury-prone' . This can happen when fears, conscious...Read more

Hypertension … in kids!

When we think about high blood pressure, we associate this with getting older and watching our sodium intake. But an article in the Wall Street Journal brings to light a dangerous trend in adolescent and pediatric hypertension . The fact that more and more children and teenagers are showing evidence of hypertension means that they are on an early trajectory for heart attacks, strokes and other...Read more