Beating the Winter Blues

With the cold weather and shorter daylight hours, many people struggle with their mood and behaviour. Less sunlight, reduced access to physical activity and a general feeling of lethargy seem to build on each other to affect behaviours. The cold, dark days of winter may cause shifts in sleep, eating and energy. It may be just a case of the ‘winter blues’ or it may be full on Seasonal Affective...Read more

Coaching: How to deal with life’s littlest challenges!

Children are encouraged to participate in sport because physical activity and play can be a great outlet to help the body get out excess energy and release endorphins. Children will test, explore their environment, and act impulsively sometimes but as a coach it's important to be able to recognize when there is a problem more significant than normal development . If you have a challenging child...Read more

We're Your Biggest Fans!

The scenes are common: screaming fans, the broken glass, a mob and the inevitable violence or tragedy; why is it that major sporting events like the Euro2012 championships can provoke such acts of violence ? Fan identification is the commitment, perceived connectedness and emotional involvement a spectator has with a team. Studies say that identification with sports teams is psychologically...Read more