Why Those Who Exercise Have a Good Head on Their Shoulders

Exercise doesn’t just improve physical health: it also benefits brain health through increased brain function and resistance to neurodegenerative diseases. One of the key players in this relationship is brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). What is Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)? Neuroplasticity involves modifying the functions of neurons and the different connections within the...Read more

A Strong Knowledge Base: The Difference Maker in Athletic Success

How do experts differ from novices? In sport, success in both low-strategy sports and high-strategy sports relies on having a solid knowledge base: knowledge may be what determines who is a true expert when athletes have similar skills and experience. As coaches and parents, the importance of knowledge bases give us a clue of how to enhance children’s athletic performances in ways other than...Read more

Coaching - "Invisible" Disabilities

Participation in organized sport activities has been shown to increase self-confidence, social skills and peer acceptance. Young people with "invisible" disabilities (e.g. learning, emotional/behavioural, and speech/language) can often be overlooked because they have no outward physical characteristics that suggest they have diverse learning needs . As a coach, there are many ways to foster an...Read more

Coaching and the passion for life-long learning

The coaching profession is constantly changing and coaches at every level need to know more than just the basics to ensure success in the field. This is why education and further professional development such as conferences, workshops, and mentoring are vital to a coaches career path. Coaching should be a profession where the opportunity for continuous learning should never be passed up. Career-...Read more

Multiple Intelligences for Learning Martial Arts

by Philippe-Aron Muma Algonquin College Sport Management Student SIRC Intern Taijiquan or taiji is an excellent mind- body exercise that is practiced throughout the world. This Chinese art form incorporates several disciplines including; philosophy, medicine and martial arts. In order to learn taiji a student can utilize multiple intelligences: Logical and mathematical learners can breakdown...Read more