Static vs Dynamic Stretching

Warming up is essential for athletic performance, not only does it get the body ready to train or compete, it can improve performance and help prevent injury as well. And one of the essential parts of the warmup is stretching those muscles out. However, there has been a long time debate going on over the concept of stretching’s role in performance. Which is better static or dynamic stretching?...Read more

Stretching it out

Many people make the assumption that stretching and warming up are pretty much the same thing, when in fact they are quite different. Warming up is the preparation of your body for the demands of the physical activity you have planned, whereas stretching is focused on specific areas that are tight and require loosening. While studies have shown mixed results on the effectiveness of stretching,...Read more

Are Cool-downs Worth your Time?

After you finish an intense workout , you must remember that your body will still be trying to deal with the stress you have been putting it under for the past few hours. Since muscles need oxygen, our heart will continue to pump hard in order to transport the oxygenated blood through our bodies. Respiratory rates will be high, the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments will all experience...Read more

To stretch or not to stretch – that is the question?

Who hasn’t begun a run, exercise session or volleyball game with a bit of static stretching? You see it everywhere – runners stretching their hamstrings while pushing against trees and stretching their Achilles tendon using street curbs, and then setting out for their run. But is this really doing your muscles and energy systems any good for your pending athletic performance? Once an essential...Read more