Goalball, Snowsnake, Disc Golf, and more: 150 Activities to Celebrate 150 Years

Happy Birthday, Canada! “Sit less and move more”: ParticipACTION , a Canadian non-profit organization, aims to engage people across the country to make physical activity a key component to everyday life. In celebration of Canada’s 150 th this year, ParticipACTION created its 150 Play List. Made up of 150 physical activities, the Play List challenges us to get active and try as many as possible...Read more

A step in the right direction

As I write this blog post I sit at a computer and you probably are as well. When does sitting become excessive? Does sitting really affect your health? Many doctors and health practitioners claim that prolonged sitting (one hour or more) can in fact have a serious impact on your health. Results of prolonged sitting: Reduces energy levels Increases risk of weight gain Six or more hours of sitting...Read more

Sports Day in Canada!

Sports Day in Canada is a national celebration of sport at all levels. On the ground, in the week leading up to September 29, over a thousand organizations, schools, teams and towns will hold a blitz of Sports Day in Canada events, with community-wide festivals, try-it days, open houses, games, competitions, meet-and-greets, tournaments, fun runs, spectator events and pep rallies that celebrate...Read more

Active Kids ... It's No Coincidence!

Is it more than a coincidence that Active Healthy Kids Canada released the 2011 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth during the same week that Montreal is hosting the Canadian National Obesity Summit ? If you grew up before the advent of technology, the thought that you or your children would only be getting 14 minutes of play time after school between 3pm and 6pm would seem...Read more

Inclusion in Sport and Physical Activity

Everyone in Canada should have the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity. It a recent ParticipACTION forum it was pointed out that those with disability can be expanded to those with limited access due to items like strollers or walkers. When this is taken into account statistics that state 1 in 6 Canadians have a disability can increase to much more. As a result it is...Read more