Debra Gassewitz
President & Chief Executive Officer

For the past 15 years, Debra Gassewitz has grown the SIRC organization into the world's most highly respected international sport research centre. She has led SIRC's evolution from "Library" to "Knowledge Broker" through her keen understanding of the information needs of the sport community and a comprehensive appreciation of systemic engagement. Developing strategic marketing opportunities and leveraging new technologies have enabled her to create innovative multi-media learning tools and communication vehicles that have significantly enhanced SIRC's business and benefited individuals and organizations at all levels of sport.


Nancy Rebel
Director, Content Development

After completing her Master’s degree in Library & Information Science, Nancy came to SIRC in 1993 to join the team responsible for quality document analysis, description, cataloging and indexing of SIRC’s extensive library collection and contribute to the world-renowned SportDiscus database. In the years since, Nancy has been proud to be part of SIRC’s transition to an innovative and leading edge resource for knowledge translation and transfer. Nancy is currently responsible for the management and development of SIRC content resources, ranging from SIRC’s many multimedia educational publications to the extensive resource collection. 

Nancy passion for sport keeps her involved on the ice and snow with curling and skiing. As a former figure skater and varsity soccer player she is now enjoying introducing her own children to the joy of active sport.